3PL Industry Trends For 2019

Mayur Rawte
3PL Industry Trends For 2019

3PL or third part logistic industry trends are on the rise, in this year of 2019, you can expect some drastic changes to arise because of the high influence of these 3PL influence. Because of their greater involvement, the profitability market cap of the logistical industry has set a record high. You can expect some innovative trends to be set during their conquest and radically change the way that people tend to work and adapt to the logistical side of things. Therefore, to know what precisely those trends might be, we have enlisted the top 5 trends that you could find from these 3PL industries. Let's get started.

3PL industry trends for 2019.

Over the last few decades, we have seen the transition of traditional freight forwarders to online/digital freight forwarding businesses. Hence let's take a closer look as to what the trend in the 3PL industry in possible. 

•    The co-relation between shippers and 3PL sectors.

The 3PL industry heavily depends upon data to carry out their daily tasks and to maintain that synchronization in the freight forwarding world, technology, and the deep implementation is what drives it in being a critical merger. Because of such flexible options, you can rest assured that logistics is going to have a facelift in terms of speed, efficiency, and precision.

•    Integration of mobile apps.

With more mobile phones than humans on this planets, usage of mobile phones in terms of tracking and invoice generation is a feature that is going to change the freight forwarding industry. With GPS, RFID enabled devices readily available in the market, worrying about the arrival of the next shipment is a thing of the past. Also, the amount of paperwork that one might have to carry out reduces significantly.

•    Dedicated software and technology.

Several 3PL industries are directing their resources in terms of software management for the overall functioning of their freight forwarding industry. Mainly because of the ease of use and for security reasons. Also, efficiency and productivity rise credibly. Also, with speech recognition software being embedded into the software's, having to talk with them is a new feature at its own.

•    Usage of big data.

A new way in the realm of data management where 3PL companies allow customers to track their shipment in real time without any delay. All this would be possible due to the customer's willingness to share their information with the companies to get their package to them safely and quickly.

•    Supply chain management.

Creating a supply chain management globally is what is the end goal for all 3PL industries. It's a critical factor in achieving globalization and working on a larger scale. Also maintaining this chain is crucial for sustainable management of links in the freight forwarding business and also adapting constantly to the economic changes globally.

Thus, with such exciting trends to be experienced this year, it a year that could radically transform the way that freight forwarders tend to operate and make the industry flourish indeed.  


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