What is a freight forwarding company?

Mayur Rawte
What is a freight forwarding company?

Transportation of goods from one place to another isn’t a one-man job. It takes a group of joint organizations to carry out the process seamlessly and ensure that they are delivered in the same condition that it was taken. Thus, freight forwarding company is the term coined for a business or organization that tends to help in carrying out transportation services of goods from point A to point B by the means of air/sea/land. It’s an interesting field where there are many things involved in getting your goods safely to the designated destination. To understand this from a better perspective we have enlisted the various responsibilities and work about freight forwarding companies and what they have to offer. Hence let’s get straight into the topic and see what exactly are freight forwarding companies. Let’s get started.

What is a freight forwarding company?

Well, you might know the term “third party companies”. Well in reference to that context, freight forwarding companies are these third-party companies that tie the relevant customers to the shippers or shipment companies. The main task of freight forwarders is to identify the right shipper to ship the commodity in a suitable atmosphere where the rates that might be synchronized in between the freight forwarding company, shipper and customer. Therefore, a freight forwarding company tends to negotiate various terms and condition with the right kind of shipment company to avail benefits and surplus discounts regarding the overall shipment that might have to be shipped. In accordance to negotiation, the mode of transport, storage location, priority list of shipments, etc. are all negotiated with various shippers to get the best rates for the freight forwarder to offer to their customers.

Services that are offered by freight forwarding companies.

Taking assistance from freight forwarding companies can prove to be beneficial in case if you want to transport goods from one place to another. They help in the reduction of overall problems in the packaging of goods and commodities. Not only this but then being experts of the shipping and transportation industry, they have the experience and credibility to transport your products to the designated destination in the right amount of time or before time. And don’t worry, the goods delivered in the end are in the same exact manner as you gave it to the freight forwarders without any damage. Other services that are offered are given below.

  • Clearance of customs.

Clearing of customs is of not the biggest hurdle any freight forwarding company that can face. Without the relevant documents, your package might not be shipped at all. Hence, relevant documentation and invoices are generated beforehand such that seamless transportation of commodities can be carried out in the most efficient way possible.

  • Insurance.

the fee or sum of amount that you pay to get the product shipped covers the insurance charges as well. What it means to say is that if there were any sort of damages incurred during transit of the goods from one place to another, then complete refund will be assured along with other incentives. It tends to vary from one company to another on the insurance schemes that they have to offer.

  • Packing.

For those of you who might not know how to pack goods or commodities, then freight forwarders tend to take care of this problem. They offer solutions and help in ensuring that the goods are properly packed and ready for shipment. They are packed in the best way possible to ensure no damage is incurred to the package or commodity inside the box.

  • Storage.

In case if there was any delay in transit or some technical difficulties in the transportation of goods, then there are special warehouses that are constructed for the purpose of storage of goods and keep them under safe conditions. Such that when the transit time arrives, they can safely be stored on the means of transport and can be shipped without any sort of damage or loss.

Therefore, now that you know what freight forwarding companies do and the services they have to offer, it’s a matter of time that your research and ideal thinking lead you into choosing the best. Try to base your decision on the following factors given above such that you have a seamless transition of goods without any hiccups. So, all the best and do the needful.


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