What is an arrival notice?

Mayur Rawte
What is an arrival notice?

The overall procedure of freight forwarding through seaways is a bit complicated. It’s all thanks to the international rules and regulations that differ from one country to another. But then despite having so many restrictions and paperwork, it proves to be the best way to navigate around the world and carry out effective transportation of goods from one place to another. But then for every single step, there is some form of paperwork.

Thus, when you take a look into the arrival of a shipment, then the paperwork issued at that point of time is called the arrival of notice. This particular piece of document tends to be sent by the carrier or agent to the party on the other end, i.e. that destination on the other end about the arrival of the shipment. In this type of notice, all the necessary details of the cargo such as the number of boxes, total weight, collection charges, nature of lading, etc. are all mentioned on the arrival of notice.  

Importance of arrival of notice.

Besides the necessary information of the cargo that is being shipped from one point to another, it should prove to be essential for cargo to travel seamlessly across international/national waters effectively. Thus, the importance of the arrival of notice is given below.

•    The point of origin and the destination name with all sorts of customs charges whether they are already paid or yet to be paid.

•    The other expenses that are involved, such as the ocean freight agent’s charges and the terminal charges at the destination.

•    The location at which the cargo needs to be shipped along with the contact number.

•    Not only this but then the LOT number associated with freight location and all the necessary information related to freight identification.

•    Various steps and instructions involved with international shipment recovery or freight recovery.

The primary thing to keep in mind is that arrival notice isn’t an official document that would release your freight. It’s a formal documentation that allows the consignee to know the contents of the cargo and follows various rules and regulations as to what needs to be done with the shipment while obeying rules and regulations based on the destination that its set to arrive.  


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