Why Cloud-Based Freight Forwarding Software Is the Future of Freight Forwarding Industry

Mayur Rawte
Why Cloud-Based Freight Forwarding Software Is the Future of Freight Forwarding Industry

When you take a look at the freight forwarding industry, you will notice that the management of a lot of businesses are still relying on legacy freight management systems which exist on let's say a singular computer that might be a part of a larger internal network. The point of consideration here, is that even if by the means of freight forwarding software these systems are able to consolidate all the data, it is really in cloud-based freight forwarding software, where the increase in efficiency lies and how it can transform, how the leaders of supply chain handle logistics.

As compared to legacy systems that are quite outdated, cloud-based logistics software are capable of integrating across devices, then be able to aggregate data from the components of the freight forwarding software that is internet enabled and then pass it along the length and breadth of the supply chain. Accessible from literally any kind of device, cloud-based freight forwarding software is something that has become the need of the hour for leaders of the supply chain. As a matter of fact, a technology that is cloud-based has the potential to become the biggest aid for freight forwarding leaders today, in an industry that is increasingly complex.

When you take into consideration the fact that most freight forwarding businesses have quite less room to be able to increase their stash of in-house hardware and also they are not really equipped to be able to employ with them a large number of people for IT, in such a case having cloud-based freight forwarding software that is actually hosted by a hosting company is a solution that seems workable and in fact, much more practical. Tasks such as handling upgrades to any sort of technical problems are generally taken care of by the hosting company and if you look at the technology scenario today which is evolving at a rapid pace, from a practical perspective it is much more feasible to partner up with a cloud-based solutions provider who can give you access to more advanced and evolved networks while at the same time reducing your costs, as well as the time that you would have to dedicate if you were to look at it from the point of view of implementing the technology on your own.

The Dependence on Freight Forwarding Software Continues to Burgeon: As businesses continue to evolve, we have noticed that there has been an increased demand for faster deliveries from freight forwarders. With the ever-mounting competition, it has become increasingly harder to be able to meet all the expectations, however this enhancement in delivery rates it something that is quite important. Looking at freight management software, as the main enabler for meeting these expectations and also exceed them at times due to better efficiency - companies that jumped on the technology wagon on the onset, are the ones who have been able to capitalize on it the most and have moved leaps ahead of the competition. This has happened by being able to make deliveries in a faster, more efficient manner as compared to the freight forwarders who are still dependent on manual systems.

What are the Benefits Garnered By Using Cloud-Based Freight Forwarding Software?

Even though the freight forwarders are best at being able to give benefits to their clients, the expertise really is not in the field of IT. If they have to deal with issues pertaining to technology which might even include issues like security challenges, upgrades, etc. This means that the staff will end up dealing with work that they are not best at doing, taking away from the tasks that need to be done. Hence, making a shift towards cloud-based logistics software means that your employees will be able to give more attention to their actual tasks as opposed to technical issues.

Looking into Remote Access: Gone are the days when the dependence on internal network was the most, as more and more companies are now looking at cloud-based solutions, it is safe to say that the freight forwarding industry is ready to see a new era. The ease of working from any location due to cloud computing is something that gives an infinite push and boost to productivity. Remote access can also help in providing a better service to your customers, with the help of cloud-based CRM for freight forwarders, your employees will be able to assist customers from various locations preventing any sort of delays that might be experienced. With the ease of access that comes with cloud computing, internal collaboration can be facilitated so that a multitude of teams can work in real-time together and be able to close projects. Also, this here and the capabilities of a lot of software facilitate direct interaction between clients and also internal customers that can save up on a lot of time and also be more productive.

Getting Technical and Security Support: For any personal business that is not so efficient when it comes to technology, the last problem that they want at their hands, is that of a technical problem, that ends up hampering their operations. When you deal with systems that have been implemented by the company itself, it means that you will have to invest in an IT department that will be able to navigate any sort of technical glitches – which of course get expensive in the long run. If you get on board with freight management software that is cloud-based, you would be able to get free from any sort of technical burdens in terms of both cost and efficiency which will also end up getting you better profits.

Looking at the security aspect we know that, security breaches today are a real concern – with no business today that is a hundred per cent safe from hackers. With newer ways of breaching data systems coming to life, it means that if you have a system that is self-employed you will also have to create security protocols which, to be fair, is an expensive affair. By getting yourself a hosting company you also get access to better cyber protection and also save your business from cyber-attacks.

Last but not least a point of mention needs to be added for cloud-based CRM for freight providers that can really help in enhancing the service that you provide your customers, as it helps in simplifying any sort of communications that happens internally and also save you time by having to outsource the IT functions that are much more complex in nature and end up taking a lot of time. If applied in the right manner it is no doubt that getting a cloud-based system that also incorporates accounting software for freight forwarders, will help you achieve higher profitability and also be able to give you a much-needed competitive edge.


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