Freight Forwarding Software

Freight Forwarding Software is enterprise software used by freight forwarders.

What is Freight Forwarding Software ?
Freight Forwarding Software, also known as logistics software, is enterprise software that enables freight forwarders to efficiently plan, coordinate and manage freight operations like warehouse management, billing, accounting, tracking, quoting, etc. Freight forwarding software usually has inbuilt features that help freight forwarders solve day-to-day issues and allow smooth transportation of goods. 

Shipthis is a modern, new-generation freight forwarding software that leverages the latest technologies to provide a one-stop solution to all freight forwarding problems. With its various features like Tracking and Tracing, Banking Integration, User Role Management and solutions like Warehouse Management, CRM, Accounting, Quotation Management, etc., Shipthis optimizes transportation and freight management, helping forwarders improve performance and acquire client satisfaction.