Best Freight Forwarding Software for Canada

The freight forwarding industry is witnessing a tech wave worldwide, with firms adopting freight forwarding software, to remodel everything, starting from everyday operations to a lot of sophisticated processes. We can see the paradigm shift with world freight forwarding players currently emerging as digital freight forwarders while the small to mid-sized companies are considering digitization.
To stay ahead of their competition, freight forwarding companies all over the world are adopting freight forwarding software. Proper use of technology can help freight forwarders by offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for the transfer of goods. Today, freight forwarders also need to expertly manage logistics that will ensure that the goods get delivered without any delay. Hence, you need the right kind of freight management software at your disposal for successful trade and shipping in a globalized market. 

How Shipthis’ Freight Forwarding software can help Canadian Freight Forwarders

Shipthis is a modern and future-proof freight forwarding software specially optimised for freight operations in Canada. This software successfully provides the most straightforward mixture of cloud computing, data science, material design, and user experience to provide the freight forwarding industry with a one-stop freight forwarding solution that helps your employee as well as customers.
Managing different operations like quotations, customs regulations, and fluency in shipping requirements via different channels requires freight forwarding to manage risks and benefits both nationally and internationally. This can be accomplished with the help of the right freight forwarding software designed and optimised for freight forwarding processes in your region. For example, under ACI Canada customs requirements, freight forwarders are required to submit electronic elementary data to the CBSA before the goods arrive in Canada. Sending in the advance transmission of shipment information allows customers issues to be resolved better. Shipthis freight forwarding software can help you achieve all these benefits while also taking care of all the custom processing and compliance. This is only one of the many reasons to adopt the right software to make sure that you optimise your services and maximise your profits.

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Some of Shipthis’ distinct features

Customizable web/mobile application that can be altered to suit your brand’s identity with the ability to send push notifications to customers directly for their shipment.
ERP, specially optimized for daily freight forwarding operation’s needs, predefined and customizable tasks for every individual shipment.
A full-fledged accounting software optimized for freight forwarding business that enables you to analyze your costs and profits, generate invoices, decide on costings from a single dashboard, and so much more with ease. An integrated quotation management system that makes it easy for your customers to send quotations directly from their web app portal. They can also negotiate and create bookings from the same.
Even if you are using another freight forwarding software/service, Shipthis can take care of all your data transfer and integration of services with our platform. With Shipthis’ onboarding system, transitioning into our platform happens in a breeze.
Shipthis is a one-stop solution for all your freight forwarding needs that allows you to take the lead over your biggest rivals. With faster processing, you can take advantage of technology to generate business and revenue and keep your customers pleased with our freight forwarding software optimized and tested in Canada.
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